This is an exciting time to join Express. Since launching our EXPRESSway Forward strategy in 2020, we have been steadily advancing our transformation from being known as a store in the mall to a brand with a purpose, powered by a styling community. We believe that clothes can serve a higher purpose to make people look the way they want to look and feel the way they want to feel, and our Express brand purpose—We Create Confidence. We Inspire Self-Expression.—speaks to the role our brand can play in our customers' lives.

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This program has made it easier for our associates to balance personal and professional commitments, and includes variable start times, the opportunity to work off-site occasionally, Flex Paid Time Off, Flex Days and Work From Away.

  • Variable Start Times: Requesting more flexibility with your start or end times to better support your personal commitments.

  • Working Off-Site Occasionally: Asking to work from home or a remote location occasionally to balance a personal commitment or need.

  • Flex Paid Time Off (PTO): Our PTO program helps eligible associates plan time away from work with greater flexibility to better suit your needs. Our program allows our associates to take time off however they wish, rather than the traditionally designated and accrued vacation and sick days.

  • Work From Away: A program that supports flexibility and encourages our Corporate associates to work from anywhere — your home, the beach, the mountains, a café — up to 4 weeks at any time.



  • Design & Merchandising

    Design & Merchandising support our brand promise to “edit the best of now for real-life versatility,” grounded in our Express Edit strategy and driven by insights we gain through customer feedback.

    Design conceptualizes and creates product that reflects ‘of the now' fashion trends relevant to our vision and customers' tastes.

    Merchants identify product opportunities by analyzing trends of the business, customer insights and competitive patterning, and using fashion awareness to create seasonal assortments that meet our design and financial goals. This team includes subject matter experts in: Men's, Women's, Outlet and Retail Merchandising.

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  • Finance

    Helps to accelerate sales, drive profitable growth and enhance shareholder value through financial goal setting, analysis of investments and expenditures and identification of financial efficiencies. This team includes subject matter experts in: Accounting, Finance, Internal Audit, Investor Relations, Risk Management, and Tax.

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  • Human Resources

    Provides strategic partnership across the organization, thought partnership to leaders and serves as a trusted sounding board and resource for our associates. This team includes subject matter experts in: Associate Relations, Benefits, Change Management, Compensation, Corporate Communications, HR Technology, Organizational Development and Effectiveness, Talent Acquisition, and Strategy.

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  • Legal

    Ensures the Company operates in an ethical and responsible way that adheres to laws, regulations and best business practices. This team includes subject matter experts in: Compliance, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), and Intellectual Property & Advertising.

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  • Marketing & eCommerce

    Marketing leads brand strategy, imagery and messaging, and ensures that it aligns to our brand purpose. This team includes subject matter experts in: Brand Marketing, Creative, Performance Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media.

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    eCommerce operates our desktop and mobile shopping sites, creates a seamless omnichannel experience for our customers and brings our brand message and product assortment to life through digital experiences.

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  • Operations

    Supports the functionality, safety and sustainability of our corporate offices. The team includes subject matter experts in: Facilities Management and Loss Prevention & Security.

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  • Planning & Allocation

    Balances financial plans and product assortment strategies to distribute merchandise to each of our stores in a way that maximizes full-price sales. This team includes subject matter experts in: Allocations, Assortment Planning, Merchandise Financial Planning, Planning & Allocation Systems, Pricing, and Testing & Analysis.

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  • Sourcing, Production & Supply Chain

    Works with trusted vendors to secure brand-right, quality materials that assist Design in making the best products. This team includes subject matter experts in: Production & Sourcing, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Technical Design.

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  • Store Operations

    Leads strategy, communication, education, engagement and execution in our Retail and Outlet stores to drive sales, create outstanding customer experiences and bring our brand purpose to life. The team includes subject matter experts in: Associate Experience, Communications, Customer Strategy, Operations, Real Estate, and Store Construction & Design.

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  • Technology

    Identifies and stands up the technological tools and capabilities that support associate and customer connectivity, enable a more seamless omnichannel experience and help guide better business decisions. This team includes subject matter experts in: Application Delivery, Decision Science Analytics, eCommerce Technology, Infrastructure & Operations, and Security & Governance.

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